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Things aren’t as easy as they seem…

OK, here it is, I’m an artist, I like to draw, paint and photograph. I’m not much of a techy and my understanding of all the behind stuff that goes on in an online store are mysteries to me. I closed my shopify store and switched to Woocommerce for financial reasons. Shopify is expensive, especially if you don’t sell much. Woocommerce is cheaper and part of my hosting account. So it seemed smart to me to use it since I’m already paying for it… right? Sounds smart… but I was wrong/ish. Puttung up just the few hundred products I have on here at the moment, plus the few visitors I got drove my account over the CPU usage limit of my hositng account.

Not something I thought about beforehead. As I said, I’m not a techy. Adding CPU usage to the point that it would be enough would drive my costs not only through the roof, but beyond what I would have paid for the largest Shopify account.

So, now I’m kind of inbetween a rock and a hard place as they say. Which is the reason I have stopped adding product. I’m working on finding a solution, which most certainly will mean closing this store and opening up shop somewhere else. Either with a new hoster, through a third party or some other way I haven’t thought of or found yet.

I want to keep offering you a solid and professional online store where you don’t have to worry about payments being pished, or an overly complicated check out system. But as I’m at the beginning and still learning about Ecommerce, sales are still few and far between. And at the end of the day I have to take some money away from my endavors not just sink in more and more.

What this means for you is that I will keep this store as is until the latest sale runs out. After that I will take down the products and basically close the store for the time being. However, you’ll find links to my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts at the end of this post. You can go through my timelines and posts to see what I have to offer and until the new store is up and running, you can order by email if you like.

The reason I’m going to take my time with the new store is that I want to make it special and different yet just as easy or easier to navigate and buy my products. If you have visited my previous stores and would like to make a suggestion or make a comment about what you would like to see improved, please feel free to do so.

I’m sorry for the inconvinience and hope you’lll still check out my new store once it’s up and ready.

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Welcome to NKD

Welcome to the Nicole Kiefer Design (NKD) online store, where unusual and unique designs come to life. Some of you might be wondering why you ended up on this store side when only a short time ago you would have ended up on a Shopify store side. Well, obviously I switched platforms. Don’t get me wrong I did like working with Shopify and would recommend it at any time, but it’s not for free. With no experience in e-commerce and no idea how to get sales, I had high hopes when I opened the Shopify store. However, selling online isn’t as easy as many make it sound and at the end of the day I have to make more money than I spend, which wasn’t the case.

This new store powered by Woocommerce will hopefully serve me just as well with much lower costs. However, moving my store from one platform to another isn’t a one-click adventure. It will take me some time to put all my products up, but it’s worth the effort and time. Still, I’m sorry for the inconvenience during this moving period. Yet something will stay just the same. Meaning what NKD is about and the promises I make to my customers, like:

  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Tax included in the price
  • Most designs available for men and women alike
  • Same prices for man and women
  • Most designs available on youth sizes to make adult designs available for shorter people who struggle finding apparel. 

To name the most important ones. But there is more. Aside from what I already pointed out I offer you to email topic suggestions, let me know what you want to see in my store. Mix and match designs, which means you can email me and for example tell me you would like to have a shirt, jacket, or hoodie with the golden desert design and the ferrets rule design on top. 


Or if you see a design I haven’t made available on product you like to order, just let me know and I will make it available for you. You are also welcome to make product suggestions for products not available here. If I can, I will add the product to my inventory. And if you need a custom made design, feel free to contact me as well and I will send you a quote.

As you can see, new store but the same values and unique designs.